Our Services

Tree Removal

There are many reasons why you may want or need to have a tree removed from your home or commercial property such as clearing room, reducing tree density to allow surrounding trees to thrive and to help reduce the risk of damage during severe weather.

Tree removal is often necessary if trees are dead because they can no longer support themselves, posing a liability and a safety threat. Proactive tree removal can also be a wise decision before hurricane season.

Jesse James Tree Rangers will safely and quickly remove trees from your property, taking care to not impact your landscape. We’ll ensure prompt and thorough cleanup and can also provide stump grinding services.

Land & Tree Clearing

We offer land and tree clearing services for both residential and commercial customers. Land and tree clearing can be an important part of any property overhaul, land development or to make the land usable. We’ll handle all aspects of land and tree clearing from start to finish all at an affordable price.

Emergency Tree Services

We are here to help you 24/7 in the event of a tree emergency. Please call us and we’ll be right there to take care of fallen trees, cracked trees, split trees, debris and any other issues in the event of an emergency tree services situation.

Tree Trimming

Jesse James Tree Rangers can handle all types of tree trimming, including palm trees. We’ll trim tree branches and tree limbs away from your house to help manage tree growth. Trimming trees is a popular request prior to hurricane season. If there is an emergency and branches are close to power lines or a dead limb is about to fall on your house, please give us a call and let us know of the situation so we can help immediately.

Shrub Removal and Trimming

We also provide services for shrub removal and shrub trimming. Simply removing or trimming shrubs can increase property value and dramatically improve aesthetics and curb appeal.

Tree & Debris Cleanup from Storms

Let us help with you tree and debris cleanup after storms. You’ll have enough to do and worry about without spending hours manually cleaning up your property. Because of our investment in the best equipment, we’ll be able to quickly clean up your residential yard or commercial property in a short amount of time. We can save you a lot of time and frustration.